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March 20, 2014


What’s going on in Washington?
Should I ask the politicians,
I don’t think so for this
Goverment has sunk to the
lowest of lows.

It’s the lobbyists who know,
the laws that are passed are
ruled by where their
moneys goes.

Since the Supreme Court passed
a law making a Corporation
an individual,

How much time will past before
we as a people elect one of
them to control the hill ?

Republicans and Democrats are
becoming marionettes attatched
by strings to empower the
Corporate greed.

Of course not all but most I
believe, and if you think otherwise
it time to see your psychiatrist,
be prescribed a new pill. A truth
serum of sorts so your
eyes can see.

Powerless we feel, but we must not
lose hope. We ask ourselves, Does it
really matter? What can I do? We need to keep fighting,

And cut those strings attached to
the backs of these greed filled
politicians at our
first sighting.

Give Washington back to the people,
strike Corporate America down,
hard and fast they should fall,

Until they can barely

Then and only then will justice
be done,

And we must all stand together for
that is were our strength lies,
not in one.

If those in Washington do not
begin to listen. It just might be
their last meal, like pigs in
a trough as they grow fatter.

Does it really matter? They of all,
within this great country will realize
oh yes, it really does matter

William E. Hay

Copyright 4/07/2010

My Therapist and I

June 17, 2014

I have begun a process that I surely
do not fully understand, possibly never will.

Simply said it works for me, I sit in a small room facing a trained, loving, and nurturing listener, getting loss within the quite and stillness.

This place where I go every Monday or so is exactly where I should be,

That I do understand without a doubt,
in all my being yes indeed.

Years had gone by and that cell
which I built for myself left me feeling quite alone, consumed by my own self interested and selfish greed.

I most certainly felt as if I had finally made it to death row.

But to surrender to that, I would not.
All those dreams from days gone by,
I would not let them go for they were
still alive inside my soul

Solitary confinement one might
say, just make it thru the next day
and fight as hard as I could to walk within the light.

Thru our conversations, this thing my therapist and I do, I am learning
how to live and find peace in my soul. That is a God/ life. It’s a given right,
but at times for this we must fight.

We must search for this truth, and than we must learn how these new tools work in building this new foundation that most of us never had to begin with.
My dreams will come true,

To once again fly into a sky that I now
see as a beautiful blue.

My therapist and I, I guess you could say she is my Angel, without her my prison cell would appear again.

I am sure this might
possibly lead to the final act, the end.

The judges hammer hits, a life sentence, revoked parole, or a loss of what truth I have discovered in my soul.

I do have to pay her for this
pricesless gift called therapy,
but a small sum as compared to hitting a new bottom, an all time low.

However, most of what I love about
my therapist and I,

The most fun for me is each time
I walk into to that small room. And once again continue to heal in ways I do not fully understand possibly never will. The air lifts my wings as I continue to fly.

My Therapist
who has taught me to dream has no choice indeed, but to listen to my many profound thoughts or God forbid my poetry.

William E. Hay

June 17, 2014


March 21, 2014

Why? People ask.
Cab Memories.

People hop into my cab, we speak about our lives and I listen.

They say many things.
“Wow you speak English.”
“You must have something else your doing with your life”.” What are you doing aside from this?” “Wow, are you are an American cab driver.” ” I don’t see many of those anymore. “I must ask, why do you drive a cab?”

Of course, these statements and questions come from those who mean no harm, but do they not stand in judgment.

Should I ask, why with all your talent do you work on Wall Street?

William E. Hay

Copyright 3/18/2010


March 21, 2014

The King of the Ice

Their are some in Washington
that say global warming
is a hoax,
Not to worry they

It’s a just one of those liberal lies
as they tighten their power ties,

Enjoying expensive dinners,
wined and dined by corporate lobbyists on wonderful martini highs.

We, the corporations of America will
make this country great no matter
what we take. Just keep
spending and consuming,

And please trust in us, don’t
worry about our corporations

If I may respond, it’s those corporations and bureaucrats that have lied for far to long. If you do not believe with what you see before your very eyes,

Then you must think, why worry
it’s those liberal lies.

know this, within the time of your child’s life the great white beast
of beasts, the King of the Ice, will
vanish before his very eyes.

The magnificent Polar Bear with
his thick white furry coat that warms
my soul will most certainly

I believe if this comes to be, the
end of the great white beast of
beasts, the world will rain many a

As the arctic ice melts so will he,
and we’ll say goodbye to the King
of the Ice as he slowly fades into
a sad memory.

One more for the children to read about in their books with photos
to see.

I wonder then, will those in Washington still deny,

Tell us once again, it’s those
liberals who lie.

William E. Hay

Copyright 3/18/2010.

What would they say?

March 21, 2014

What Would They Say?

If they could speak our language,
to open our eyes, ask yourself, what would they say?

Would man hear their truth, or deny
and continue to live within our lies? “My God I’m far to busy today.”

These beautiful species within all their wonder have been killed by our corporate greed. Let’s raise are profits on Wall Street, collateral damage, it’s just a few oil spills.

Thousands of Dolphins dead, with brains larger than ours, feeling intelligent beings, and they certainly use more of this gift than man’s capablities. But we call ourselves the master race, kings on top of our ego driven hills.

What would they say?

The magnificent Pelican with the wings of and angel saturated by an oil from hell, unable to find freedom with Gods gift of flight.  This brought tears to my eyes from a photo I saw in the paper today.

What would they say?

The Sharks, one of the oldest souls of the sea swimming in circles, confused, not knowing were to go. As death simply waits with all its patience, even this fierce or predator can’t beat the oil.  Did you know they can smell a drop of blood from a mile away?

What would they say?

The wise old Sea Turtles that have moved thru the oceans for hundred of years with such grace, some reaching an age longer than man. We find them washed up on beaches, their life cut short, gentles soul freed from the pain we cause.

What would they say?

These spirits of our oceans, their lights ended by our greed for we are the great directors and control the stage. Gods creatures of the oceans and sea just simply fading away. Like the soldiers of unmarked graves who gave their lives on a heroes day.

What would they say?

If we could listen to their words, hear their pain, I wonder what blessings
of wisdom they would share. This earth and all of its inhabitants are
constantly speaking to us all.  I hope and pray someday we will be able to listen and truly hear, what they would say.

William E. Hay

copyright 6/08/2010


March 20, 2014

I have an old friend, during my childhood he would heal my pain, give my spirit a lift and tell me
all will be okay.

As a child, I knew, no matter how drunk my mother became and the screams from a grandmother fighting an enemy hiding in a bottle grew louder. My friend, the night, would console me until the screams would begin to fade and I’d survive to wake the next day.

He would hold me gently in his arms, whispering that all
would be right. For the morning I’d wake to a sober house, safe, even if just for a short time.

Years have gone bye and we still meet every night. He embodies calmness, always so peaceful and as quite as a mime.

Growing older, I must admit I tire as my old friend continues to visit, but as the day ends, so begins his shift.

The moon drops him off. Seeing my friend the night, my mind grows still as my spirit gets a lift.

The words we speak are few, for both of us now prefer to just be still, sitting together he and I take comfort
in being alone.

The silence we enjoy sitting side by side, holds the power to fill the spirit with the gift of serenity, striking
the most beautiful tone.

My life has moved far from the pain of my childhood days, married to a beautiful wife, though he has yet to meet her for she’s always fast asleep.

He’s not one to show when she’s awake. I don’t believe that will change, fate has always decided the time we meet.

He and I will be friends until my end. I know he still visits those children whose imaginations allow
him to be,

Bringing them comfort and hope
as he did me.

His arms gently holding them, as his peaceful voice in a loving
tone, feeds every child a spoonful of hope, and carries them through the darkness.

They to will grow old long after I am gone, and if they do not forget to imagine, remembering when that clock would strike midnight with a magical chime.

As older men they’ll know an old friend, the night will continue to visit sitting by their side under
the moons light.

William Hay
(Copyright 4/12/2012)


March 15, 2014

To Just Be

Rush, rush, and rush some more,
hustle and bustle, and fight your way to your great success.

If your tired grab some coffee, no
that’s it, an energy drink with only
a ton of sugar.

People everywhere having a bite
with a fork in one hand and their smart phone in the other.

Greatness comes when you only sleep 5 hours a night. Is that really

This culture we live in tells us all,
this is what make us great. Do we
really want to live in a society
that moves at the speed of light yet
is blind to all we pass?

We should allow ourselves to slow down just a bit. I wonder then, what
would we see?

When is the last time you were in awe
of an eagle soaring above you and felt
his spirit? To enjoy that moment, allowing yourself to be present.
To Just Be.

When is the last time you gazed at the
sun going to sleep over the horizon?
Imagine feeling that orange glow, those last soft beams of light piercing
thru a peaceful clouds.
To Just Be.

When is the last time you meditated to
clear your mind of all the clutter and stress?
To Just Be.

When is the last time you prayed to
strengthen your conscious contact with God and to feel a light that soothes your soul?
To Just Be.

When is the last time you woke from a
nights sleep and realized there is so much to be grateful for, taking the time to stretch as you enjoy a glorious morning yawn?
To Just Be.

When is the last time you gave yourself a priceless gift?
To Just Be.

When is the last time you felt
joyous, happy, and free?

The only requirement is,
To Just Be.

William E. Hay
(copyright 9/28/2011)


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